How To Prepare Your Home For the Winter Season

By: Brandon Weiss & Mark Adelson

How To Prepare Your Home For the Winter Season

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Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned seller, preparing your home for any sale can feel overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider, and the season you sell your home in can often be one of the biggest. Though it is possible to sell your home in any season, sellers often feel most nervous towards the colder months - especially winter.

Though it’s normal to wonder exactly what you need to have prepared for a winter sale, we’ve prepared the top 3 things you should consider so that it can be done with minimal stress.

1) Stage, stage, stage!

Staging can be one of the most important parts of selling; it can even get your home sold faster, spending an average of about 33 - 50% less time on the market. Though staging may feel impossible in the colder months, it actually lays the groundwork for some incredibly unique opportunities. Use the natural aesthetics of the season to enhance your indoor spaces. Wrap garlands and fairy lights where appropriate, decorate your mantle, and even leave holiday treats like sugar cookies, candy-canes, or festive chocolates for guests to try. This can not only help potential buyers feel more at home, but also envision their next holiday season in the space.

2) Make the space feel warm

Though this goes hand-in-hand with staging, ensure you’re leaving your biggest and brightest windows open and also raising the heating to an appropriate degree. Letting natural light in can help open up each room and your home overall, making it seem much bigger and also help showcase certain spaces in your home you want to shine. With such frigid weather in the winter as well, setting the temperature to a reasonable degree will also help make guests feel comfortable (and cozy) as they consider your home - so don’t shy away from it when preparing!

3) Utilize the season’s curb appeal

As we mentioned before, the holiday season can provide you with many unique design opportunities in and of itself. One of the biggest advantages can be the natural curb appeal your home has during this time of the year. Keep holiday decorations, such as wreaths, Christmas trees, and lights, looking their best throughout the season, and make sure you’re shoveling the drive-way and keeping any heavy snow at bay. To help polish your home even further, ensure you home number is clear and visible and touch up any paint on doors, garages, or mailboxes that may have faded with the wear and tear of the weather as well. This way, you’re keeping the first thing many buyers see (the exterior of your home) looking as seasonally appropriate and polished as can be - and who wouldn’t love that?

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