How Are We Working With Sellers?

By: Brandon Weiss & Mark Adelson

How Are We Working With Sellers?

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The COVID-19 crisis and subsequent lockdown have changed the way many businesses operate. And real estate is no different. While some sellers might be reluctant to put their homes on the market, it is not the worst time to do so. The real estate market is still strong, and there will always be buyers out there that need to purchase a home. Especially now as things slowly start to open back up.

Of course, social distancing means that we all need to do things a little differently. 

If you want to sell your home during the pandemic, don’t skimp on the staging. Good staging may be more important than ever since many buyers will not want to view homes in person unless they are already considering putting in an offer. 

At Adelson and Weiss, we understand how to make your home show well virtually, to help you attract the best buyers. 

Matterport Tours
3D virtual tours are no longer a “nice to have” feature when you are selling your home – they are a necessity. The COVID-19 lockdown accelerated the rate at which consumers have adopted convenience models such as online ordering and delivery service. They want that same convenience when they are shopping for a home as well. 

Matterport technology allows potential buyers to have a 3D virtual tour of the home and interact with it, much in the way that they can interact with a realistic video game. It gives them a really good idea of whether they want to make the effort to drive to the home to see it in person or even if they want to put in an offer on the spot. 

High-Resolution Photography
Because some would-be buyers still like to look at photographs or may not have enough bandwidth or technical savvy to participate in a virtual tour, professional high-resolution photography is still a must to sell a home. Good photos can make the difference between your home being snapped up quickly or sitting on the market for months. 

Our professional real estate photographers know how to take beautiful photographs of your home that will capture the interest and imagination of potential buyers. 

Virtual Open Houses
While open houses are not completely prohibited, they are being strongly discouraged for health reasons. Virtual open houses, as a result, are becoming more popular. A virtual open house differs from an online tour because it is live. 

Realtors are using their social media feeds to announce these virtual open houses and then presenting the home to potential buyers in a livestream. Because potential buyers know that there are other house hunters, watching live with them, it helps to create a sense of urgency – just like a regular open house would. The trick is to present the livestream video in the most professional and engaging way possible – which is something we at Adelson and Weiss, excel at. 

Digital Signing Options
Digital signatures have been around for years, but the real estate industry has only started using them widely since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Sure, it may not be quite as personal as sitting down with your broker and review an offer, but it does help with social distancing and makes the process very efficient.  

At Adelson and Weiss, we have embraced the technology necessary to help sellers present their home in the best possible way so that their home sells quickly and for a fair price. To learn how we can incorporate this technology to help you sell your home, contact us today.