How Adelson & Weiss is Well-Connected and Can Find the Right Solution for You!

By: Brandon Weiss & Mark Adelson

How Adelson & Weiss is Well-Connected and Can Find the Right Solution for You!

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To say that the Toronto real estate market is competitive is more than an understatement. And with such a high level of competition, you might think that real estate agents in the area hold tight to closely guarded secrets in order to “gain an edge” – and some probably do. 

But what years in the industry have taught us is that it is collaboration – not competition – that is really the key to a successful real estate business – as well as the key to finding the best solutions for our clients. After all, isn’t that what it is really all about?

Adelson & Weiss is Well-Connected

There are two sides to any real estate deal – there is a buyer and a seller. And each side is represented by a different real estate agent or firm. We have sat across the “negotiating table” with some of the top firms in the city working out mutually beneficial solutions that suit both our client and the other party. 

We are so well connected in fact, that if a client were to come to us today looking for a certain type of property in a certain Toronto neighbourhood, we would know exactly which agent at which firm to contact who would have the highest probability of representing the ideal seller. Likewise, if we were representing the seller in such a deal, we would know which agent to call to find the ideal buyer. 

Quick and Decisive Action is Imperative in the Toronto Real Estate Market

Purchasing properties in the Toronto area is extremely challenging right now.  There is a high demand for properties and yet real estate agents are faced with a shortage of listings. Once the listings hit MLS or even an exclusive listing, it is almost certain that a bidding war will ensue. 

But because Adelson and Weiss has such strong relationships with other top agents, we frequently can find out about properties for sale before they are ever listed, meaning that our buyer clients often get the first opportunity to put in an offer. 

“Collaboration with other agents gives our clients an advantage and thus why our peers view Mark and I as some of the top in the business because of the respect level and professionalism we bring in all walks,” says Brandon Weiss. 

Stronger Relationships Mean Smoother Transactions

Another benefit to being so well connected with other agents is that it allows transactions to go much more smoothly. Like any type of business transaction, a real estate sale can be prone to unforeseen delays and obstacles. 

If there is a problem during the closing of a sale, our close relationships with other agents mean that we are better equipped to work it out professionally so that neither side gets stuck in limbo. 

A Trusted Source for Other GTA Agents

At Adelson and Weiss, our professional relationships with other real estate firms are not about business transactions only. Other realtors often come to us to ask for advice on achieving their own success. We are happy to mentor young agents – it not only gives us a chance to give back to the industry, but it also gives us the opportunity to hear new ideas. 

There was even an instance where Mark got called every other day by someone who was still taking their real estate exams, because that person saw us as leaders in the industry and they wanted to learn how they too could be successful. Of course, we were only too happy to help.  If we can share anything that makes other realtors better then we have improved our client's faith in the entire process.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, it is always in your best interest to work with a real estate agent that is well-connected with other agents. To learn how we might be able to help you, contact us today.